Photo:Bernard Boccara                                     Français

Fading circus star Sally puts down her knitting needles and steps into the ring to give her finale performance, the performance a lifetime. Astonishing and astounding, she rediscovers her ancient circus techniques long forgotten and with them her youth and vitality. She deftly manipulates ordinary everyday objects to create the extraordinary. A universal show without words, Cirque de Sally is sensational, poetic and exceptionally eccentric. Sweet as an onion, Sally will break your heart with laughter.
Directed by Louis Spagna

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Technical requirements:
    Outdoors, Big top, Stage

    General Public
    Duration: 30 min
    Performance space 10m x 10m (8m by 8m min)
    Height 3m
    Ground Surface should be flat and hard. No hills.
    Sound: Speakers and an Amplifier. (If possible.)
    Get in 10 minutes.
    Get out 10 minutes