Photographs- Interior: Michelle McCarron Exterior: Helen Sloan

Johnny Logan, the king of the Eurovision Song Contest, is back to present this extravaganza with all its glories – circus, dance and potatoes! Johnny tickles your senses with an array of curious images and events, from a rendition of the European anthem on bicycle horns to an amusing acrobatic striptease via the hottest display of potato juggling this side of the Atlantic.
With a fabulous Eurovision finale Johnny charms you into his out of the ordinary imagination and invites you to participate in this unique celebration of the ridiculous.

Technical requirements:
Outdoors, Big top, Stage

General Public
Duration: 40 min
Performance space: 10m x 10m (8m by 8m minimum)
Height: 3m
Sound: Speakers and an Amplifier.
(Please notify me in advance if this is not possible.)
Get in: 10 minutes.
Get out: 10 minutes.
Important: Ground Surface should be flat and hard.
No hills or slopes please.

Inspiration, exterior eye and direction:
Thanks to Marie de La Guèronnéire, Micheline Vandepoel and Cal McCrystal.